Removing your Gel Polish



Using your Lola Lee 100/180 Nail File, gently file the top coat off. This is to break the seal as the top coat will not soak off with the Lola Lee Removal Liquid/Acetone.


Soak a Lola Lee Nail Wipe in the Lola Lee Removal Liquid. Position the wipe on the nail and wrap the nail with Aluminum foil. Leave the nails to soak for 10-15min.

Tip – to speed up the removal process we recommend placing a warm microwavable bean bag on your nails.


Remove the Aluminum Foil off one finger, then with the Lola Lee Cuticle Pusher, gently rub the nail to lift the Gel Polish off the natural nail. Then move to the next nail.


Lightly buff the nails with the Lola Lee Buffer.


Repeat your Gel Polish application!

Hints and Tips:

• If your nails are weak you may use up to three coats of Lola Lee Base Coat.

• If you are new to gel polish paint two fingers at a time, then cure to avoid the gel polish from running
into the cuticles.